[Reposted from Bill’s blog] The storerooms where we work at the Western Argolid Regional Project have a set of cabinets where we store artifacts. Apparently these cabinets came from the French project in Argos and were passed on to our project when they were no longer used. One of the most charming things about these… More Typologies

A Visit from the E-Curators Team and Digital Time

[Reblogged from Bill’s blog] Yesterday, Costis Dallas and Seamus Ross from the E-Curators project visited the  Western Argolid Regional Project study season to talk to us about our use of digital tools and digital practices. We spent most of the day in either formal interviews or informal conversations about how we used technology to produce know… More A Visit from the E-Curators Team and Digital Time

Sometimes Survey Makes Sense: A View from Chelmis

[Reblogged from Bill’s blog] The formation processes that produce the surface context studied through intensive pedestrian survey are really annoying. They hide things that you know MUST be there (like Late Roman material on a prominent coastal height overlooking a Roman to Late Roman settlement). They make visible things that have no rational explanation (like the famous one sherd… More Sometimes Survey Makes Sense: A View from Chelmis

Distributional Analysis

[Originally posted on Bill’s blog] One of the challenges of siteless survey is shifting our intention from a focus on sites to the distribution of artifacts across a landscape. Over the last four years at the Western Argolid Regional Project we have collected artifact level data from over 7000 survey units that cover a significant percentage of… More Distributional Analysis