Field School

For the 2014 field season interested undergraduate students can volunteer for the Western Argolid Regional Project or join an archaeological field school for credit as part of the University of Colorado at Boulder Study Abroad Global Seminar.

Aims and activities:  The aims of the field school are to (1) teach students advanced techniques in archaeological survey, (2) give students practical experience in identifying and recording various types of artifacts, (3) instruct students in the full diachronic range of archaeology in the northeast Peloponnese. Students will work six days a week in the field or lab and on Saturdays visit major sites and museums in the region (Corinth, Argos, Mycenae, etc.).  One requirement of the field school is that all students (credit or non-credit) participate in weekly team presentations and work together to write a final group report. Students participating in the field school for credit will have additional written assignments and evaluations.

Total Cost of Field School per Student: $6000 (credit) and $4750 (non-credit). These costs cover all of the students’ costs, excluding airfare, one meal per week (Saturday dinner), and incidental costs. It includes transportation in Greece. About one-third of the student costs (both credit and non-credit) are earmarked for overall project expenses. The difference in price is due to tuition and university administrative fees.

Nature of Room and Board: Students will live in vacation apartments (two students each) in Myloi. These apartments have a private bathroom, balcony, full kitchen, air conditioning, and access to free laundry facilities. Students will be provided with breakfast foods to be eaten in their rooms. On work days there will be a simple group picnic lunch in the field and a group dinner in a local restaurant in the village of Myloi.