The apotheke

We have an apotheke now. Apotheke (αποθήκη) is Greek for storage facility, but for most archaeologists working in Greece, it means a place where you store and study the artifacts that you collect from the field. Up until today, we were getting the apotheke ready. That meant renting the space, having security measures installed, getting electricity, water, and… More The apotheke

Five things

1. A mid-morning blow out On Wednesday Bill and I hiked up the side of the mountain on the southern end of our survey area. We wanted to make sure that we hadn’t missed any major features. The result of our efforts was that we confirmed that we hadn’t missed anything, but in the process… More Five things

Sounds of Survey

Every now and then when I’m in the field, I panic about falling behind in my journal reading and letting the ENTIRE DISCIPLINE PASS ME BY. WHAT?? Archaeological Dialogues has an issue dedicated to ROMANIZATION? I thought about that once, like four years ago! I must… read… now! WORLD ARCHAEOLOGY has forthcoming volume dedicated to… More Sounds of Survey

A Bridge

This is mainly to start a blog post with the line that I want you use at the beginning of an important article: “The study of Ottoman bridges in the Western Argolid remains in its infancy. The goal of this brief article is to bring attention to a small, but important body of Ottoman bridge… More A Bridge

Sometimes a Cave 2

Last week I posted about how sometimes a cave is just a cave. This week, I can post that sometimes a cave is a super cool cistern from the modern period with a great view and an opportunity to practice my field drawing skills. Sorry to miss posting for a few days, my usually reliable… More Sometimes a Cave 2

Photo Friday on the Western Argolid Regional Project

After another week of the Western Argolid Regional Project, I’m once again prompted to ask whether this is over yet. This isn’t to suggest that I’m not having fun, but to say that this has already been a long field season! But we’re hard at work. As you can see, Scott Gallimore, one of the directors,… More Photo Friday on the Western Argolid Regional Project