Five things

1. A mid-morning blow out

I felt the same way.

On Wednesday Bill and I hiked up the side of the mountain on the southern end of our survey area. We wanted to make sure that we hadn’t missed any major features. The result of our efforts was that we confirmed that we hadn’t missed anything, but in the process we had exhausted ourselves by 9 am and our knees were aching by the afternoon.

2. An iconostasis


At the northern end of our survey area, on the asphalt road from Lyrkeia to Douka, are two iconostaseis, one older and stone-built, the other of the regular metal variety. Above is a photo of the interior of the older iconostasis. Note the icon of Αγία Ζώνη (left) and the prophet Elias (rear). Here are the two side-by-side:


3. A nice wall


Bill blogged about a bridge and mentioned the road that it carried; here is the wall that supported that road. It’s much nicer than the standard terrace wall. In fact, Machal (pictured above) and I came across this wall before we hit the bridge, and I said, “Look at that wall; it’s nice. Could this be a road?” Finding the bridge was a nice confirmation of my instinct. Here’s what the road looks like:


4. A pocket terrace


Bill blogged about these, too. Now I’ve been obsessively taking pictures of different pocket terraces. This is one of my favorites because the terrace forms an almost-perfect semicircle around the olive tree.

5. Tires

Yesterday one of our cars got a flat (an inevitability, considering what we put those cars through on a daily basis) and I decided to get it fixed right away at a local tire shop. They had a remarkable quantity and variety of tires.

… and one last thing:


Sarah, with Holly dutifully at her heels.

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